Mission: Impossible III Full Movie

Mission: Impossible III (2006)

Mission: Impossible III Full Movie

While in his engagement party with doctor Julia, the IMF agent, Ethan Hunt, is invited to a rescue mission of his former protégée. Agent Lindsey Farris was trained by him but has been kidnapped by the evil dealer, Owen Davian. Ethan accepts the assignment and rescues Lindsey with his team, but she is killed by a bomb that has been implanted in her head. Ethan finds that Owen will be in the Vatican and he joins his group to abduct him. They succeeded in their mission, but back in USA they are betrayed, Owen is released by his team and he abducts Julia, bringing her to Shanghai. Owen contacts Ethan and forces him to steal a powerful weapon in order to save the life of Julia.

Director :J.J. Abrams

Country :USA

Duration :126 min

Quality :HD

Release :

IMDB :6.9

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